Friends & Family

Friends & Family


Maria, my wife was a retired Community Nursing Sister having worked on the District for over 30 years.

I have two step-children although I don't think of them as step-children, but my own.  They are both now grown up.  Simon was a Marine Chief Engineer working for P. & O. Ferries, but decided to give that all up and took up full time tennis coaching.  Unfortunately, he had a serious accident (was run over by a lorry in the Ukraine) and is now back living in Surrey .  He has made really good progress with his injury and has even played a bit of tennis!  Amanda is a Sister at the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, Kent.  She has two children, a boy (Alex) and a girl (Katherine).  Both of them are now working for Local Aurthorities.

My daughter, Ruth used to be secondary school teacher (teaching A Level Geography as well as Mathematics) but is now working as Company Secretary in their  I.T. Business.  They have been partners for many years.  He is a thoroughly nice guy who at one stage, took his Private Pilot's Licence on helicopters and has taken me up for a "spin" in the past.  GREAT!

The photo is of Ruth in Cornwall.

Ruth, my daughter

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They are to me totally distorted and freakish animals who apparently are difficult to train, stubborn and have pretty dirty habits!  Give me a dog that is trainable and not stupid.

Why not get a PROPER dog.  I like animals but..........


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