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About Me


I like to play the Piano (badly) and had lessons a while back.  I had just started Grade 5 andI was pleased with that,  I now have my piano in my new house and am really pleased to play it whenever I wish.

My first love is the Piano as said, but I also play the classical/acoustic guitar, mandolin, 5 string banjo as well as the ukelele, all of which are great fun.  I was tutored to Grade 3 Classical Guitar and passed the exam.

I enjoy choral singing as well and currently a member of St. Martins' Church Choir, Cheriton and was a member of The Snowdown Male Voice Choir in Aylesham, Kent.  This is a very professional Choir who sang at the Royal Albert Hall in 2015.  They are a great bunch of blokes.

I also enjoy cycling and like to do 12/18 mile cycle rides fairly frequently.  I always do the Cycle for Kent Churches ride and do this every September.

Other things that also interest me are Astronomy and Genealogy and I love gardening and now have the challenge of getting the new garden to the way I want it.

I enjoy reading and was lucky enough to receive a Kindle for a Christmas present which is brilliant.


These are some of the things I have enjoyed doing.

Church Bell Ringing - I had been Bellringing for about 10 years and I found it enjoyable, albeit, pretty challenging.  I used to ring at several Towers, but have now stopped ringing altogether and moved onto other things.

Theatre going - I love going to the Theatre whenever I can, usually going with a body called KARF (Kent Active Retirement Fellowship), which is an organisation I belong to.  I have not been anywhere so much in recent times mainly since losing Maria.  No fun on your own!

Travel - I have always loved holidaying, especially in this country.  The Peak District and the Lake District are two of my favourite destinations; Maria and I visited many times.  We have also enjoyed touring many spots around the World, among the places that we have visited are U.S.A., Africa, Europe and most interestingly, Eastern Europe.

Choirs - I am in my Church Choir (St. Martins, Cheriton) and for a couple of years was a member of the  Snowdown Male Voice Choir in Aylesham, Kent.  They are a very professional Choir doing Concerts roughly once a fortnight throughout the season.  In 2015 they sang at the Royal Albert Hall although I decided a while ago to  leave the Choir, finding it difficult attending the numerous social functions on my own.  I have included the Web-link to their site on my site as they are always looking to recruit new members.

& Pastimes

Card Games and most Board Games; Chess, Backgammon, Cribbage, Canasta and so on.

More Likes

Music in most forms.

Easy Listening, Country and Western, Classical, Some Jazz and plenty more.

I have quite a few Hobbies & Interests

Pictures in my Life


Things I Have Done in my Life

  • Was a Policeman
  • Lawn Tennis Umpire (did 10 Wimbledons)
  • Studied an Open University Degree Course (gained a Diploma in Physics)

  • Church Bell Ringing
  • Theatre Going
  • Travel
  • Choirs