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Ryan Kimm

This is a brilliant site to learn Bluegrass, Gospel, Folk etc. for Guitar


  • YouTube

A great site that I use for anything connected particularly with music


  • Country Guitar Online.  Great site for learning to play Bluegrass/Country etc. 





These are some of the things I have enjoyed doing.

Church Bell Ringing - I had been Bellringing for about 10 years and I found it enjoyable, albeit, pretty challenging.  I used to ring at several Towers, but have now stopped ringing altogether and moved onto other things.

Theatre going - I love going to the Theatre whenever I can, usually going with a body called KARF (Kent Active Retirement Fellowship), which is an organisation I belong to.  I have not been anywhere so much in recent times mainly since losing Maria.  No fun on your own!

Travel - I have always loved holidaying, especially in this country.  The Peak District and the Lake District are two of my favourite destinations; Maria and I visited many times.  We have also enjoyed touring many spots around the World, among the places that we have visited are U.S.A., Africa, Europe and most interestingly, Eastern Europe.

Choirs - I am in my Church Choir (St. Martins, Cheriton) and for a couple of years was a member of the  Snowdown Male Voice Choir in Aylesham, Kent.  They are a very professional Choir doing Concerts roughly once a fortnight throughout the season.  In 2015 they sang at the Royal Albert Hall although I decided a while ago to  leave the Choir, finding it difficult attending the numerous social functions on my own.  I have included the Web-link to their site on my site as they are always looking to recruit new members.

More Likes

Music in most forms.

Easy Listening, Country and Western, Classical, Some Jazz and plenty more.

& Pastimes

Card Games and most Board Games; Chess, Backgammon, Cribbage, Canasta and so on.

I have quite a few Hobbies & Interests


I like to play the Piano (badly) and had lessons a while back.  I had just started Grade 5 andI was pleased with that,  I now have my piano in my new house and am really pleased to play it whenever I wish.

My first love is the Piano as said, but I also play the classical/acoustic guitar, mandolin, 5 string banjo as well as the ukelele, all of which are great fun.  I was tutored to Grade 3 Classical Guitar and passed the exam.

I enjoy choral singing as well and currently a member of St. Martins' Church Choir, Cheriton and was a member of The Snowdown Male Voice Choir in Aylesham, Kent.  This is a very professional Choir who sang at the Royal Albert Hall in 2015.  They are a great bunch of blokes.

I also enjoy cycling and like to do 12/18 mile cycle rides fairly frequently.  I always do the Cycle for Kent Churches ride and do this every September.

Other things that also interest me are Astronomy and Genealogy and I love gardening and now have the challenge of getting the new garden to the way I want it.

I enjoy reading and was lucky enough to receive a Kindle for a Christmas present which is brilliant.

Pictures in my Life


  • Church Bell Ringing
  • Theatre Going
  • Travel
  • Choirs

Things I Have Done in my Life

  • Was a Policeman
  • Lawn Tennis Umpire (did 10 Wimbledons)
  • Studied an Open University Degree Course (gained a Diploma in Physics)